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Rachel, an African-American girl from the South Side of a major U.S. city attending a prestigious suburban high school under a false zip code in search of a better education, falls in love with Charlie, the school’s white basketball star. Soon the reality of societal pressures become evident and ultimately takes a toll on their relationship. The color of their skin drives a wedge between them until they embrace and respect their differences and search for common ground, which ultimately enables them to be together.

Rachel inspires Charlie to leave the safe haven of his suburban neighborhood to visit her on the South Side of the city. Just as their love overcomes the hurdles of bigotry, the verdict of a police brutality trial is announced. Violence and anger explode onto the streets as riots begin. His life endangered, Charlie finds himself caught on the South Side of the city without a clear path to safety.



Tim Gautier is President & CEO of Showoff Entertainment, a production entity formed to create, develop and produce quality commercially viable motion picture and television content of diverse genres for the youth, young adult and family entertainment markets. Tim is a fifteen year veteran of the entertainment industry, spending the first ten years of his career producing commercials and music videos. Tim also created, executive produced and hosted the cable entertainment magazine series “Stars of Tomorrow”.

Recently, Tim led the production and distribution of the newly released compelling movie “Eternal Salvation”. “Eternal Salvation” is the story of high-powered investment banker, Jonathan Wright, who had it all: a loving family, money, power and success. But the unthinkable happens and a spiritual journey ensues. 

The film made a splash in the national film festival circuit and received (Best Actor and Best Director Award Nominations at the prestigious ICFF) prior to its release on DVD and Digital HD. The movie is currently available on DVD through Amazon.com, on cable through Dish Network and worldwide in over sixty countries on Digital HD via Amazon Prime Video, iTunes, Google Play, Vimeo’s (VHX) and Walmart’s (Vudu) Digital HD streaming platforms.


Brian Trenchard-Smith is an Anglo Australian film and television director, producer, and writer, with a reputation for large scale movies on small scale budgets, many of which display a quirky sense of humor that has earned him a cult following. Quentin Tarantino referred to him in Entertainment Weekly as one of his favorite directors. His early work is featured in Not Quite Hollywood, an award winning documentary to be released by Magnolia in August.

Among his early successes were the 20th Century Fox release The Man from Hong Kong, a wry James Bond/Chop Sockey cocktail, the Vietnam battle movie Siege of Firebase Gloria, and the futuristic satire Dead End Drive-In, a particular Tarantino favorite. BMX Bandits, showcasing a 15-year old Nicole Kidman, and Miramax's The Quest, starring ET's Henry Thomas, won prizes at children's film festivals in Montreal and Europe. He has also directed 35 episodes of television series as diverse as Silk Stalkings, Time Trax, The Others, and Flipper.

His frequently repeated family drama for Lifetime Long Lost Son starring Gabrielle Anwar, introduced future Gossip Girl's Chace Crawford to audiences in the title role." I knew from his first scene, he was going to be hot." Trenchard-Smith has just completed Porky's - The College Years, a re-imagining of the famous 80's franchise of teen comedies. He is married to Byzantine historian Dr. Margaret Trenchard-Smith, lives in Los Angeles, and is a member of the British Academy of Film and Television Arts.